Ecclesiastes – The JPS Bible Commentary

by Michael V. Fox, PhD
Part of the ‘JPS Torah/Tanach with Commentary’ series.

Based on the same format & design as the JPS Torah Commentary series, this work provides a critical line-by-line commentary of the biblical text, presented in its original Hebrew, complete with vocalization and cantillation marks, as well as the 1985 JPS English translation. A scholarly intro and extensive critical notes are also included.

The Book of Ecclesiastes is part of the ‘wisdom literature’ of the Bible. It concerns itself with universal philosophical questions, rather than events in the history of Israel and in the Hebrews’ covenant with God. Koheleth, the speaker in this book, ruminates on what — if anything — has lasting value, and how — if at all — God interacts with humankind.

Koheleth expresses bewilderment and frustration at life’s absurdities and injustices. He grapples with the inequities that pervade the world and the frailty and limitations of human wisdom and righteousness. His awareness of these discomfiting facts coexists with a firm believe in God’s rule and God’s fundamental justice, and he looks for ways to define a meaningful life in a world where so much is senseless.

Ecclesiastes is traditionally read on the Jewish holiday Sukkot, the harvest festival(128 Pages)


‘The most important publishing event of this or any season. It combines love and reverence, and faith, with the highest contemporary scholarship. Everyone who cares about the Bible will understand it best by the light of The JPS Commentary.’- Professor Arthur Hertzberg, Dartmouth College

Publisher: Jewish Publication Society, 2004

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