Dvar Torah Toldos: Keeping the Faith

Rashi brings down the Talmud (Yoma 28b) asserting that Abraham observed the entire Torah and more, and ostensibly, this can be extended to include the other patriarchs as well; this is pretty much what we all learn in 3rd grade, and it has its source in this week’s parsha:

“Abraham listened to My voice and observed My mandate, My commandments, My decrees and My teachings.” (Genesis 26:5)

This is the opinion of Rav– and it is not surprising, as he is a figure who’s inclination towards the mystical was on par with the likes of R’ Akiva.  R’ Simi bar Chiya disagrees, maintaining that Abraham kept only what was given to him: the seven Noachide laws and circumcision.

Now how far is Abraham said to have gone in keeping the faith?  The Talmud (ibid.) claims that he kept even eruv tavshilin — a ritual device necessary to permit one to perform permitted Yom Tov activities for a subsequent day of Shabbos.

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