Dvar Torah Mishpatim: Chukim, Chukim and More Chukim

For a really long time, now, I’ve had a special fondness for Mishpatim. That’s why, in 8th grade, when Assistant Principal Rabbi Binyomin Yablok asked that each male student pick a parsha to lein (for, without motivation, it was really just the same Lubavitch guy who leined every week), I picked Mishpatim. Little did anyone realize at the time that Mishpatim was to fall out during winter vacation and I ended up leining at the Bialystoker Synagogue where I lived at the time.

There’s a very popular understanding among Orthodox Jews that there are three types of biblical commandments: those that are classified as eidus, those that are chukim and those that are said to be mishpatim.

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