Dr. Judith Rosenbaum Talks Living the Legacy with Jewschool

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This fall, the Jewish Women’s Archive released its latest online curriculum in the Living the Legacy series, a Jewish social justice education project that uses primary sources to explore the role of Jews in the Civil Rights Movement, and now, in the Labor Movement.

Chanel Dubofsky interviews Dr. Judith Rosenbaum, JWA’s Director of Public History.

Q: Give us a glimpse into this particular curriculum and what it contains.

Judith Rosenbaum (JR): Two years ago, we released the curriculum on the Civil Rights movement. In it, we wanted to go beyond the often congratulatory manner of Jewish conversations about social justice and look more closely at the challenges regarding race and Jewish identity in the movement. The Labor curriculum is also primary source based, and adaptable for a variety of educational situations. It crosses different time periods and narratives and includes 14 biographies of labor leaders, as well as women’s stories in the labor movement, which are often excluded.

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