Deli Kasbah – The messianic chabad restaurant

Deli Kashbah is a rare breed of a restaurant, they proselytize while they feed you. It’s not one of those places where things are subtle. I used to frequent it quite a bit, because it was located one block from where I grew up, but I never noticed how crazy it was until I got a little older.

There are TV screens throughout the restaurant showing Rebbe footage constantly. On the menu there are statements about the Rebbe and moshiach and all around the restaurant are banners about the Rebbe and moshiach – it’s pretty insane if you ask me and even more insane because the clientele is mostly young modern orthodox folk who are definitely not becoming lubavitch and definitely trying to ignore the craziness and concentrate on the food – which is quite good, although a bit pricey.


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