Dayenu. Dayenu. Dayenu.

Booth_Hamer-photo_1200pxThis past year, I took a group of seven teens on a tour of the American South. The trip was inspired by my desire to infuse young people with a sense of history and context as it relates to Judaism in the South and Jews in the Civil Rights Movement.

We began in Atlanta, then drove to Alabama, stopping in Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and many places in between. We met with people who had lived through segregation and fought against it. We saw the Rosa Parks Museum, experienced history, and talked about what it means to be an American Jew from the Northeast.

Prozdor at Hebrew College in Newton, Massachusetts provides these kinds of experiences for teens from Southern New England, and this was one of the most moving and relevant trips I’ve ever taken as an educator. I was privileged to be with this group during moments of struggle, connection, and growth.


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