Daily Prayer Book for DavkaWriter

Create your own Hebrew/English Siddur with the Daily Prayer Book for DavkaWriter!

Featuring a renowned English translation by Rabbi J.H. Hertz, late Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, this DavkaWriter special is indispensable for congregations, libraries, rabbis, students, and laymen -— anyone who needs both the Hebrew text of the Siddur and its English translation. This Siddur text is ideal for synagogue services, classes, worksheets, and many other educational uses!

The text is attractively arranged in matching parallel columns of Hebrew text and English translation, with an English commentary at the bottom.

The text of the Siddur can be edited, stylized, copied, pasted, printed, or integrated into other DavkaWriter files. Modifying the translation, rearranging text, or selecting sections for your own use is easy!

The Daily Prayer Book for DavkaWriter includes:
-Hebrew text of Siddur in Ashkenazic format, with nikud
-English translation of Siddur
-English commentary, notes, and introduction
-Hebrew/English text of Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), with English commentary

System Requirements:
DavkaWriter Platinum 4 or 5

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