ESKY Software – Professional Version

Publisher: Esky

These Computer Discs Are For Everyone! Parents, children, teachers, schools, camps, those who can draw and those who cannot, everyone can benefit and enjoy Jewish Artwork By ESKY.

PARENTS – This is an enjoyable collection of pictures to share with your children. The pictures can be used to decorate stationery, invitations, holiday posters and more.

CHILDREN – These are happy pictures to look at. It makes everything come alive in a cheerful way. The pictures can be printed for you to color, or used as reference material in your school work.

TEACHERS – This disc is an invaluable aid for teaching. The drawings will save you hours of time, giving you more time to spend on preparing your lessons. The pictures can be printed to size, cut and pasted in place to make each lesson more exciting. They can also be enlarged for bulletin boards and classroom use.

SCHOOLS, CAMPS AND SYNAGOGUES – The clip art can be used to decorate flyers, programs, announcements, activities, projects, invitations, benchers and more.

The Uses Are As Endless As Your Imagination!


Every page of the printed books scanned and saved as hundreds of separate computer files to be imported, edited and printed by your favorite computer software program.

Over 15,000 separate computer clip art images from the printed ESKY Clip Art Books professionally edited and scanned at multiple resolutions up to 600 DPI for razor sharp resizing and printing. Special bonus includes never before published ESKY pictures from future Artwork volumes and a limited edition ESKY mouse pad.


» Import the graphics from your Jewish Artwork By ESKY CD into most popular painting, drawing, word processor, or desktop publishing programs

» Colorize, resize, modify or crop the clip art images to suit your specific needs

» Complete online instruction manual with details on using the clip art in all the most popular computer programs

» Universally compatible graphic image file formats, including BMP, TIFF, PICT

» Graphics imaging program for easy clip art editing

» Extensive quick locator index with visual art database

» Printed image catalog

» Works with most popular computer applications for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh

» Compatible with most inkjet and laser printers


The ESKY Software CD contains all the graphics of the printed books scanned and saved as hundreds and thousands of separate computer files to be imported, edited and printed by your favorite computer graphics application. It also includes a limited version of Adobe Photoshop, a leading graphics editing program; Extensis Portfolio, a multimedia cataloging program with an extensive visual database of all the ESKY pictures; plus a copy of this entire web site which contains information about all the ESKY products, including sample pictures, ideas and technical support.

» 1 CD ROM Disc
» Free 3 volume printed set of Jewish Artwork By ESKY – a $50 value!
» User’s Guide
» Registration Card


» 486 or higher Windows compatible PC
» Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later, including Windows 95, 98
» 4MB of RAM
» A CD ROM drive
» A Windows supported mouse

» 68030 or higher Apple Macintosh computer
» System 7.1 or higher
» 4MB of RAM
» A CD ROM drive

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