Dagim Kippa (size L)

Hand crocheted – Delicate

Black, large sized, very delicately hand crocheted kippa with white, blue, green and sienna brown fish motifs all around.

The crocheting of this kippa is very time consuming due to its special and intricate design.
The knots of our ‘delicate’ kippot are smaller and their crocheting is tighter than in our ‘hard grip’ kippot.

This kippa has an approximate diameter of 6-1/8′ (15.60cm) and an approximate circumference of 18-7/8′ (48cm). Please note that these 100% cotton kippot are hand crocheted and that their measurements can not be accurate.

Dag means ‘fish’ in Hebrew and Dagim means ‘fishes’.
In Rosh Hashanah, often a fish head is eaten, accompanied by a blessing saying ?May we be like a head (leader) and not a tail (follower)?, or that ?We will be fruitful and multiply like fish?. Fish are so numerous that they are usually used as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. The fish is also utilized to protect against the evil eye.

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