Crocheted Gelt Bags For Chanukah!

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Phew, I did it, Chanukah is tonight and I did get around to crocheting little gelt (coins) bags for my young ones. Truthfully giving gelt is really the Chanukah tradition of yore, the idea of giving presents only really snuck in on account of the Dec. 25th holiday, so I realized that the first night of Chanukah would not be complete without these little bags to hold the chocolate coins we traditionally give every Chanukah. (The rest of the year my kids are somewhat chocolate deprived, so they really look forward to this one!)

Given that I was a little pressed for time, I made some chunky, scrap buster versions of my crocheted pouches from last year. You can follow the instructions from last year, (with another example here) or to make bags like these, grab a size K hook, two strands of yarn (in my case the blue versions were a variegated strand and an aqua strand crocheted together, the pink version uses combos of solid colors) and crochet as follows:


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