Container Gardening: Verbena Love

I’m in love with Verbena, and this year I’ve finally had a small success with a few little seedlings by virtue of the fact that I planted them in a big empty patch of dirt at the base of my lemon tree! Flowers that consist of clusters of tiny blooms always seem to be amongst my favorites, and verbena especially just says summer!

While you can use Verbena in a planter mixed with a bunch of other species, it’s really at it’s best as a ground cover where it can spread out and charm all those that pass by!

Depending on where you live, Verbena, which loves full sun, may or may not be a gentle perennial, though they are drought resistant, self seeding (a great one!) and are often found in butterfly gardens! And Verbena will bloom all summer long, so with a good three months left of gardening, why not add a few of these little beauties to your garden?

PS: Verbena, also known as Vervain, has a very rich history both as an herb and in making liquor as well as being mentioned in many writings of all kinds. I quickly read this info on Wikipedia, so thought I’d pass it along in case the history of horticulture interests you! It is interesting to know a little bit about where your plants really came from, right?


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