Summer and the Educator

1185663_843300302330_1449342496_nSomehow summer has flown by—it’s August 19, which pretty much came out of nowhere. If you’re anything like me, summer started with grand plans and lofty ambitions. The pages in the calendar stretched on and on, and great adventures were planned for sometime later this summer. And, somehow… summer is coming to a screeching, halting stop.

Back to school sales aren’t ramping up, they are in full swing. Deadlines for semester-based programs aren’t off in the future, they are right here. The days are starting to get just a little shorter. That emergency just-in-case hooded sweatshirt that you stopped carrying around? Yeah, you need that in your bag again. Those hypothetical adventures of summer are just going to have to wait until next year.

If I sound wistful, it’s because I am. Summer is campfires and marshmallows. Summer is rope swings and inner tubes.  Summer is catching fireflies and running through sprinklers.


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