Commie Camp: Indoctrination or True Jewish Values?

A new documentary about a progressive Jewish summer camp is making its way around the Jewish film festival circuit. Commie Camp, by Katie Halper, takes as its hook a comment by Rush Limbaugh in 2012. Trying to undermine U.S. President Barack Obama’s pick for head of Bureau of Labor Statistics, Limbaugh prepared a zinger. Evidently the nominee had sent her kid to “a politically left-wing, Jewish summer camp with Communist roots!”

The camp being referred to, Camp Kinderland, was one Halper knew well, and her ears perked up at the remark. Like her mother, uncle and grandmother before her, Halper attended it as a camper. “Does attending Camp Kinderland make you an extremist? Am I an even greater enemy of the state?” she asked herself.

So Halper decided to return to the camp to try to learn whether it is “too late to save the children from indoctrination, and the Republic from ruin.” The documentary follows a handful of campers and staff as they journey from New York City to spend a summer at Camp Kinderland in the Berkshires.


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