Come Visit Non-Orthodox Kotel Section

Bayit Yehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett, who is also the Minister of Religions, and Minister of Jerualem and the Diaspora, among his other portfolios, issued a call to members of Reform, Conservative, and other non-Orthodox streams, to visit the new prayer section that the Ministry of Religions has set up next to the Kotel Plaza.

“Today we opened a new section in the Kotel – ‘Ezrat Yisrael’, he wrote in his Facebook page. “Two weeks ago, I instructed my people to build a new section at the Kotel, a few dozen yards south of the existing plaza, next to the Rambam Gate. Today, we, the staff of the Ministry of Jerusalem and the Diaspora, completed it. It’s open!”

Bennett continues: “What is the idea? It is a section that is open to all streams, all communities, 24 hours a day, all year, at no cost. The entire family can go there with no limitations.”

“The existing Kotel Plaza (with men’s and women’s sections) will continue to operate as it does today.”


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