Chabad Sponsors ‘Kosher’ Lag Ba’omer Festival

As Lag Ba’omer approaches, Israelis are stockpiling wood and boards for bonfires and wrapping potatoes in aluminum foil in anticipation of the holiday. The country’s biggest children’s stars are also getting into gear for Chabad’s inaugural “Festilag” – a “kosher” version of the popular Festigal that will put on free performances throughout Israel.

Some of the biggest names in Israeli children’s entertainment will take the stage in 20 cities, including Yuval Hamevulbal; Geri Hamburgeri; Tal Moseri; Moshe Datz and Shoshanna the Sheep; and Tuvia Tzafir. The festival will also feature stories about Jewish leaders related to the holiday, quizzes, and prizes.

Even the recent social protests will leave an impression on the Festilag program: in every city where the event is held, children will “march” through the streets, carrying signs with Jewish slogans.


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