“C” is for “Cookie.” And “Color Me Annoyed.”

I am having a dream where I am surrounded by cookies…chocolate-enrobed wafers piled up at my feet…stacks of coconut caramel chewies blocking doorways…a tower of lemon sugar drops threatening to topple on my head…

Wait, this isn’t a dream. It’s my living room.

The boxes that Little Yenta Girl sold for her Girl Scout troop have arrived, turning my house into an ersatz high-calorie warehouse. Now we have to separate them, deliver them and collect the money before people start banging on the door, hollering for their Thin Mints. This is all after spending several afternoons going to door-to-door to sell them six weeks ago with her grandpa, who has about as much patience for this as I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Girl Scouts. I love sit-a-pons, I love the stinkin’ badges, I love LYG’s awesome troop leaders.

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