Boro Park - Greenfield Took Part in the Burning of the Chametz

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Councilman David G. Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) visited bread burning sites in Boro Park today to participate in the burning of the chametz (bread) before Passover. Greenfield also toured the FDNY firehouse at 4210 12th Avenue, which is home to Engine 282 and Ladder 148, where he thanked FDNY Chief James Leonard for all the hard work and preparations that went into making sure the day’s religious traditions were safe and controlled. In addition, Greenfield met with Boro Park Shomrim members in their new mobile command center, where he praised Shomrim members for their help at bread burning sites throughout the neighborhood.

“It was great to see the community take part in the 2,000 year old tradition of burning the chametz before Passover. This would not have been possible without the extraordinary cooperation of the FDNY, NYPD, Shomrim, Chaverim, Hatzolah and Misaskim. I especially want to thank the hard working men and women of New York’s strongest - the Sanitation Department - who worked overtime to keep our community clean. This is a wonderful day for the neighborhood, and represents the culmination of many months of careful planning,” said Greenfield.


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