blue fringe the whole world lit up

Blue Fringe – The Whole World Lit Up

Blue Fringe’s third recording has, like their first two recordings, exactly what Blue Fringe fans everywhere have been waiting for and features great compositions and music.

The band, comprised of four friends who met at Yeshiva University, includes: Dov Rosenblatt, guitarist and songwriter, who supplies the band with his compelling, lyrical voice; Avi Hoffman, also a guitarist and composer for the band, known for his electrifying, bluesy guitar playing; drummer Danny Zwillenberg who incorporates rhythms from diverse musical sources, including Latin, reggae, funk, and rock; and Hayyim Danzig on the bass, both electric and upright, who gives the group its soul with bass-lines deeply rooted in old-school funk and jazz.

Label: Sameach, 2006Track ListingTo listen to a sample, click on the title of a song that is followed by .

1. Etz Chayim
2. Eshet Chayil
3. V’shamru
4. Bereishit
5. Anayni
6. Listen To You
7. Yehi Shalom
8. Eicha
9. Do You Realize
10. Birkat Kohanim

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