Bet Shemesh man on annual Hanukka-donut binge for charity

For the third year in a row Elie Klein is putting his gluttony to good use by raising Hanukka gelt for charity.

The 31-year-old Beit Shemesh man is collecting donations for dozens of organizations by going on a donut binge.

“What started as a gentlemen’s bet two years ago regarding which one of my neighbors could eat more sufganiyot [jelly-filled donuts] between Rosh Hodesh Kislev and the end of Hanukka, has turned into a beloved annual fundraising campaign,” he said. “Friends, family and complete strangers have been pledging generous dollar and shekel amounts to their favorite Jewish causes/charities for every sufganiya that I eat.”

Donuts and latkes made with oil are traditionally consumed during Hanukka to commemorate the miracle of the menorah, which burned for eight days and nights after the Maccabis reconsecrated the Temple.


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