Be Hungry

There is an advertisement that I pass when biking to work.

It’s of a gorgeous man, with brown hair and blue eyes, a rugged 5 o’clock shadow, his arms slightly raised, about to pop the collar of his denim jacket. His lips are parted slightly, his gaze steady. He is ready to meet whatever lies before him on the horizon.

And in bold, in red, in all capital letters is the line: BE HUNGRY.

Each day I passed the sign I would think to myself: I cannot wait to see a woman beneath that slogan about to pop her collar.

Though at the time, I had no idea what this advertisement was trying to “sell,” as in an actual product, I later learned it’s a Gap ad. In an email to a Dallas news channel, the Gap, in an effort to smooth over the faux pas of placing this advertisement out front of a food pantry that feeds the homeless, wrote: “Our intended meaning of the phrase ‘be hungry’ is about having passion, curiosity, and a desire for knowledge.”


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