Balanced Parenting

A father and son – a Rabbi and psychologist – examine love and limits in raising children }}How can today’s parents raise a mentch?}}Answering this critical question is the goal of Balanced Parenting, a wonderful, reader-friendly guide to raising children in our challenging world. Written by a distinguished father-son team, the book reflects the vast experience and Torah approach of Rabbi Raphael Pelcovitz and the professional expertise of Dr. David Pelcovitz, a renowned clinical child psychologist.}}They show how to acheive the Talmud’s advice to raise children with “the left hand pushing away while the right hand draws closer.” }}This work addresses your concerns, including how to: チᄀ motivate your children チᄀ instill values チᄀ teach children to cope with anger and deal with peer pressure.}}Responding to contemporary challenges, the authors devote chapters to: チᄀ helping children cope with loss and terror チᄀdealing with the at-risk child チᄀstrategies to help children acquire self-respect.}}Recommendations to help you reach your goals are listed at the end of each chapter. Balanced Parenting gives parents the tools they need to raise successful, happy children. It belongs on every family’s bookshelf.

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