Our Sages Showed the Way

3 Volume Set
by Yocheved Segal
Illustrated by: Naama Nothman
Translated by: Esther Falk

Ages 8-11 A beloved classic, redone in three-volumes! A treasure-trove of over 200 stories from Midrashic and Talmudic sources that will delight and educate children of all ages. Children will be held spellbound by the heartwarming stories, as well as the numerous illustrations. Originally published in five volumes-now available in a three-volume set.
Translated from the Hebrew ‘Ko Asu hachomeinu.’

This new edition 3 volume boxed set includes all content from the original 5 volumes. Volume 1 comprises the former volumes I and II; Volume 2 comprises the former volume III; and Volume 3 comprises the former volumes 4 & 5.(981 Pages)

Publisher: Feldheim

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