Are You Having the Purim Blues? I’m Just Not in the Purim Mood

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I have the Purim blues, it crept up on me like it always does, but this year more than ever I’m just not in the mood for Purim. I’m not sad or anything, in fact I’m quite happy with my lot, but I have no interest in getting drunk at the local shul seuda. Like some folks, I can blame it on the fact that Purim is a month early, or the fact my wife and I work most Sunday’s (including this one) but I think I’d like to blame my decidedly non-Purim mood on the fact that this year there was a dearth of good Purim skits, spoofs, videos and emails going around.

Yes, I am part to blame, I haven’t been writing much lately as I’ve switched jobs and I’ve been dealing with that. I also couldn’t figure out (until tonight) how to get my old laptop that I use for writing (due to it’s ergonomically designed key board) hooked up to my darned home network. Turns out that all those letters that are capitalized on the modem need to be capitalized in real life. It takes such small amounts of comfort to get me to write. I hate using my slow ass net book to write and using my wife’s laptop isn’t a good solution. For some reason, no matter how many new computers I try, it all comes back to my 2004 toshiba with a whopping 80gb hard drive to get me into it.


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