Archives of Nissan Mindel to be Published

In 1940 Chabad had begun its inception in the United States, there at the very beginning was Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel who had documented and preserved much of the history of Chabad in America. Today, after much anticipation and great demand, a book devoted to these works will be published.

This new book is described to be of unique and unprecedented scope, affording a glimpse into the activities, letters and literature of the Chabad Rabbeim in America and the many personalities and events they affected and shaped.

Based on the works of Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel, who served both Chabad Rabbeim – the Frierdiker Rebbe and the Rebbe – as personal secretary responsible for their correspondence in several languages, as their emissary on countlessto be Published missions and as prolific author of Chassidic literature for young and old.

Rabbi Mindel accurately recorded, documented and preserved much of the history of Chabad in America from its very inception in 1940 and for the next several decades, a person who merited both a professional and personal relationship with the Rabbeim.


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