Allow Torah Scholars to Continue Studies

Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett said on Monday with regard to the issue of haredi enlistment in the army that yeshiva students who are studying Torah should be allowed to continue their studies and not be forced to enlist in national service programs.

Speaking with haredi station Radio Kol Hai, Bennett added that his party would “fight against legislation which would coercively draft” yeshiva students.

“We will be a partner which will fight for Torah study in Israel, and we will fight against laws that coerce service,” Bennett said.

“Whoever is learning Torah should continue to learn Torah, full stop,” he continued.

“This is my stance from the beginning. Although it’s not always easy to explain this to our secular brothers, my way is to explain that the Jewish people have existed for thousands of years in exile because of Torah, and in the State of Israel we need to strengthen this.”


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