Newsletter Issue # 69 - February 27, 2013

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Many Jewish college students, Chabad organizations found on campuses around the world provide a home away from home. There are Chabad centers on more than 140 campuses worldwide, and Lehigh’s campus is no exception. The alumni, faculty and students suggested to the Chabad of Lehigh Valley that there was a need for another Jewish outlet to the Lehigh community. Rabbi Zalman Greenberg and his wife, Dit Greenberg, quickly stepped up to the challenge.

A German prosecutor has dropped all charges against a rabbi for his role as a circumciser. A statement by the Hof prosecutor said that Rabbi David Goldberg of Hof satisfied all requirements regarding child welfare which are not jeopardized by the circumcision, the Jewish-German publication Jüdische Allgemeine reported. Circumcisions which are applied with the consent of parents or custodians are not subject to criminal liability.

Three Books of Esther kept in the attic of a house in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II have been returned to Jewish hands. The three Books of Esther are said to be at least 77 years old and are part of a collection of Holy Scriptures Passover Haggadot and different prayer books preserved throughout the years. In honor of Purim, the Shem Olam Institute for Holocaust education, documentation and research unveiled the rare holy items which were in Polish possession for dozens of years and were located and brought to Israel in the past year.

Students at Britain’s prestigious Oxford University will vote on a highly controversial motion to boycott Israel. The Oxford University Student’s Union is set to meet Wednesday to decide on a motion to join the international boycott, divestment and sanctions movement in protest of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and its hindrance of attempts to create a Palestinian state.

A year ago, one of the highlights of the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Jewish Camping Conference was the chance to get to know Nancy Lublin. We learned about Nancy several years earlier after reading an article about her mitzvah project that turned into a successful nonprofit company. Nancy is the CEO of Do Something for the past ten years, her recent book Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business, encouraging teen philanthropy, and how Jewish summer camp can instill lifelong entrepreneurial skills in young people.

The New York Times announced that it has merged with Tzvee’s Talmudic Blog to form The New York Times Talmudic Blog. The Times was already known as a premier Jewish newspaper in the city with high visibility Jewish editorial writers like Tom Friedman, Roger Cohen and Paul Krugman and Israeli news bureau chief Jodi Rudroren. This merger with the Talmudic blog will fill in that lacuna in our content.

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