Newsletter Issue # 52 – October 17, 2012

Orthodox Jewish groups is suing New York City on Thursday to block a new rule which requires parental consent for a circumcision ritual in which the circumciser uses his mouth to draw blood from the baby’s penis. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, says the regulation is unconstitutional and violates religious freedom by targeting a Jewish ritual.

Torah scholar Zechariya Brashi was born in 1900, recently celebrated his 112th birthday. He spoke to Arutz Sheva about health, diplomacy, and his hopes for the future. Brashi said the secret to long life is proper eating. He said, one should wake up early and eat a slice of bread with water, only water.

A fire damaged the historic Hebrew Congregation of Woodmont, but the synagogue’s Chabad Rabbi, who was on the fire scene is grateful since two Torahs, a Shofar and a citron box were saved. The cause of the fire is unknown and under investigation.

SOS Racisme, a Paris-based anti-discrimination organization, made the statement on its website after the phrase UnBonJuif became the third most popular hashtag among French Twitter users.they are considering making complaints against some Twitter users following an explosion of French-language anti-Semitic messages.

The room was filled with an open, excited energy.  I descended the stairs, I noticed a large painting, in the style of a Superman comic book with a woman in the background, her face in anguish, the man in the foreground, his face in defeat, At first I thought the woman, then possibly the man. And that was the point. I knew I was in the right place, A book launch and celebration for conceptual installation artist and ecofeminist Helène Aylon.

There is a simple beauty to the holiday of Sukkot, because it is the chag with the least meshugas. The Day of Atonement and the month of weighty reflection are behind us, the manic celebration of Simchas Torah lies ahead. Sukkot, often called The Festival of Ingathering, is unadorned, honest, at peace with itself. And it reminds me of Lady Gaga.

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