Newsletter Issue # 46 – September 5, 2012

Dozens of haredi schools this year will be introduced  to the digital revolution that has taken over the education system in Israel. The Ma’ayan HaChinuch HaTorani and the Shuvo education networks which operate some 200 haredi schools in Israel, have agreed to take part in an initial project which will incorporate digital teaching methods to the traditional religious teaching.

Of all the unknowns being discussed as Hurricane Isaac approached New Orleans, members of Congregation Shir Chadash knew one thing. No one  wanted to be the person that said, Oh let’s not move the Torahs this time. So Rabbi Ethan Linden and a few members went into their hurricane action mode and did the best they could.

Israeli director Rama Burshtein brings her own ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to the big screen in a film about a young bride torn between love and familial obligations. Her movie Fill the Void premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

If the Olympics have Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern games. The Paralympics have Sir Ludwig Guttmann a Jewish neurosurgeon who fled Nazi Germany. He pioneered athletic competition as therapy for patients with spinal injuries and organized an archery competition for patients at Britain’s Stoke Mandeville hospital in 1948. From this humble start have come the Paralympic Games.

The Jewish New Year is coming so here’s a super cute craft for Rosh HaShana that was a huge hit at our house! You can use these stuffed paper shapes as a centerpiece, for a mobile or even as place cards. Of course if your kids like this project you may just have enough to scatter down the center of the table, and/or place in a fruit bowl which would look so very festive on a white holiday tablecloth.

If we spent some serious time we could collectively come up with a very long list of scare tactics used by our parents, friends, Rabbis and peers to get us to lead lives devoted to Hashem and his strange ways. Most of the scare tactics used have sources somewhere in our whacky heritage, but many of them are just social.

Labor Day holiday is more often associated with barbeques, sales, and the farewell to summer and white linen than with the contributions of workers. It’s a less overtly political holiday than the workers’ holidays in Europe. The U.S. intentionally picked a day other than the International Workers’ Day of May 1st to avoid any whiff of radicalism.

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