Newsletter Issue # 42 – August 8, 2012

Exclusion of women reaches another level. A local shopper at a Tel Aviv pharmacy was surprised to discover that a simple Oral B toothbrush with pictures of women on the package was covered up with stickers. The stickers were not mistakenly placed on the box, but was intentionally put on the package in order to cover a picture of a woman and a girl.

A massive celebration held Wednesday night in America marking the Siyum HaShas, the completion of a cycle of daily Talmud learning. There was singing and dancing as participants rejoiced in their achievement after studying one page of Talmud a day for more than seven years.The event took place at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.

A British judge has granted a 10-year-old girl’s request to be baptized a Christian, even though her Jewish mother wants her to wait until she is older,  Judge John Platt said that both the child’s parents were Jewish. After their divorce in 2010, they agreed a shared parenting and father then converted to Christianity.

Is there – or was there – life on Mars? Figuring that out is one of the missions of the Curiosity mission, and has already begun when a rover landed in a crater of the red planet gathering data and transmitting breathtaking photos back from Mars. No evidence of life has been found yet.

Fans of the long-running Showtime series Weeds know that writer and creator Jenji Kohan is not afraid to pepper the show with Jewish themes. The show is now in its final season, changed its flavor over the years and gained some critics, many devotees enjoy the story about a marijuana-selling widowed mother from the suburbs and her family’s experiences.

The Shem Mishmuel explains that marriage is the antithesis of death. It is a binyan adei ad, an eternal structure that is created through the couple’s descendants. Both the soul and body can ascend by making the right choices.The Shem Mishmuel quotes a perplexing Gemara in Brachot.

If this was a few years ago this would have been taken as a joke, but after some Charedim began calling women who sat on the front of buses whores I’m willing to believe the madness. Apparently the blurry glasses don’t allow men to see more than 3 meters in front of them, not enough to really work since beyond three meters regardless, the glasses are patented and being sold for 25 shekels a piece

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