Newsletter Issue # 38 – July 11, 2012

The Simon Wiesenthal Center a human rights organization and the only Jewish organization accredited to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, proposed that  the Argentinian Jewish settlement of Moises Ville for inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since Moises Ville is a successful example of immigrant absorption.

The Tal Law, which was passed in 2002 and provided a legal framework for haredi men to indefinitely defer military service through full-time yeshiva study, Amid political machinations and debates on how to increase enlistment into national service from the ultra-Orthodox sector, saw 200 haredi men enlisted into the state civilian service program in June.

In May 2011, the Heart Attack Grill warned the 2nd Avenue Deli to cease serving its Instant Heart Attack Sandwich or be hauled into court for trademark violation.  But  U.S. District Court Judge in Manhattan ruled that the 2nd Avenue Deli may keep selling its“Instant Heart Attack sandwich noting clear differences between the deli and the Heart Attack Grill.

My son was given the impression that Israeli search and rescue dog handlers he met while he was in the U.S. Army gave commands in one gender form, regardless of the dog’s sex. So, should I teach my female puppy shev, sh’vi, or lashevet?“

The Times discussed in a Talmud-like fashion which of the two main styles of swimming the freestyle is superior, more effective, or as we would like to say, more kosher. Gretchen Reynolds explains the dispute between the ancient saints of swimming and the House of Counsilman.

Is Starbucks kosher?  Yes, according to sources cited in the Times many of the items at Starbucks are kosher. The Times profiles Uri Ort who runs a web site on the topic helpfully marks all Starbucks products with either a green light or a red light.

Joan Rivers is a woman of chutzpadik and chilarity. Either we love her, or hate her. She’s either the talk of the town, or fades into red carpet oblivion only to be resurrected again. This time, with even more plastic surgery. This leaves us asking, Is it okay to make fun of a woman who has paved the way for practically every female comedian from the 1960s on?

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