Albany Siyum Launches Digital Torah Solution

At Albany’s communal Siyum, Rabbi Yisroel Rubin introduced futuristic Halachic research on Digital communications, suggesting that Digital fluidity may be the ideal medium to expand and broadcast Oral Torah.

The new concept reflects Albany’s Maimonides School emphasis on integrating Torah with Technology. Nearby Troy Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute alumni Ray Tomlinson first invented the @ email exchange in 1971.

Ray Tomlinson’s message put “@” on the map

It was 1971, and in a windowless room in Cambridge, RPI alumni Ray Tomlinson was hunched over two massive computers, struggling to send the world’s first email. He had been programming and debugging for hours, trying fruitlessly to get a message from one cabinet-sized computer to another.

He tried again, banging out his name on a teletype keyboard: TOMLINSON. He followed that with an @ symbol – a little-used key he had chosen as a separator – and then the name of the other computer. Tomlinson rolled his chair over to the second computer’s teletype and banged out TYPE MAILBOX on the keyboard.


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