A Machzor They Won’t Just Pretend to Read

As the average person’s attention continues to thin together with our ever-slimmer smart phones, engaging teens and adults in today’s fast forward world is becoming increasingly more difficult.  And once great crowd pleasers like the songs ‘Oseh Shalom’ and ‘David Melech Yisroel’ –  have become somewhat outdated, leaving many Shluchim baffled with the task of producing interactive High Holiday minyanim for their largest crowds of the year.

Enter the CTeen Machzor companion book  With over 70 pages of fabulous explanations and creative illustrations, this easy-to-read Machzor promises to inspire teens and adults alike. The cute 7 x 7 inch book is just asking to be picked up, with its bright colorful pages, artsy graphics, and short but insightful anecdotes.

“The machzor was originally masterminded as a supplement to our new High Holiday program for teens, ” says Rabbi Shimon Rivkin, CTeen’s director. “But when we approached Shluchim with the idea, many responded that they would be interested in such a product for their adult congregations as well!”

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