61% of Israelis: Separate State, Religion

365289016830100116116yes1130The past Jewish year included an ongoing attempt to draft yeshiva students, emotionally charged Chief Rabbinate elections, the exclusion of ultra-Orthodox parties from the government, an attempt to impose the core curriculum on haredi schools, a dramatic High Court decision against the operation of businesses on Shabbat and an unprecedented ruling by the Jerusalem District Court in favor of the liberal Women of the Wall organization.

As one of the most eventful years in Israel in terms of state-religion relations comes to an end, a majority of the public asserts that it’s time to separate between the two.

The Hiddush association’s Religion and State Index, in cooperation with Ynet – a comprehensive annual research published for the third time – shows that the number of Israeli in favor of separating religion from the State reached a new high in Jewish year 5773, standing at 61% (including 84% of seculars) – a 9% rise from last year.

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