Israeli Jews Becoming More Religious

Israeli Jews are becoming more religious, according to a study published Thursday by the Israel Democracy Institute in conjunction with the Avi Chai Foundation. The survey, entitled “A Portrait of Israeli Jews: Beliefs, Observance, and Values of Israeli Jews,” examined levels of religiosity of Israeli Jews in comparison with levels of the past twenty years.

According to the study, conducted in 2009 by face to face interviews of 2803 Israeli Jews, above the age of 20, the affinity of Jewish Israelis to their religion and religious traditions from 1999 to 2009 has noticeably increased.

“In 2009, we can say that Israeli Jews are interested in the role of religion in the State of Israel and in the significance of a “Jewish State,” and express positive attitudes towards expression of religion and tradition in the public realm,” the report concludes. “However, they seek to preserve freedom of personal choice, especially with regards to Sabbath observance in public.“

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