3 Girls Dominate ‘Pirkei Avot Championship’

Three female junior high students dominated the first-ever national “Pirkei Avot Championship,” held in Jerusalem on Sunday to test students’ knowledge of the collection of mishnaic rabbinical commentary also known as Ethics of the Fathers.

Sunday’s big winner was Eden David of Bat Yam’s Makif Ramot school, who told The Jerusalem Post that she didn’t expect to win but was “confident because I had memorized the texts.”

She said she was especially proud that she and Tamar Jinli of Ashdod’s Makif Daled (Comprehensive D) and Hofit Fadida of Rishon Lezion’s Nahlat Yehuda school placed in the top three spots, saying “it shows we can do whatever the boys can.”

The championship tested students from state secular junior high schools across the country.

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