15 Years Later, Vol. 2 of Letters and the Spirit Published

Now available for the first time is the second volume of the popular Letters and the Spirit book, which was first published some 15 years ago.

Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel , personal secretary of the Rebbe for over four decades and responsible for his correspondence, describes in fascinating detail in his comprehensive introduction to this multi-volume compendium, the process by which the Rebbe’s letters were written.

The thousands of letters of the Rebbe, a copy of which was entrusted to Rabbi Mindel, were carefully preserved and categorized, some of which were then chosen and prepared for publication, with permission from the Rebbe.

This project, particularly dear to his heart, Rabbi Mindel did so that the holy wisdom contained in the letters would continue to guide and comfort countless others. He selected the letters with care and maintained his high standards of strict confidentiality by removing any clue that might compromise the identity of the person to whom the letter was written.

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