Dancing with My Soul

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Dancing with My Soulby Neshama Carlebach

This new album features Neshama and Shlomo originals, including two of Shlomo’s songs published for the first time: ‘Bnei Beitkha’ and ‘Tshuasam’.

Label: SameachTrack Listing
To listen to a sample, click on the title of a song that is followed by Listen to this track from .

1. Belief
2. Melech Rachaman Listen to this track from
3. Soulmate Listen to this track from
4. Dancing With My Soul Listen to this track from
5. Gam Ki Elech
6. Before You Go
7. Nachamu Ami
8. Burdened Listen to this track from
9. Evan Ma’asu
10. B’nai Vaitcha
11. Exclusion
12. Restoration
13. Tshuasam

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