Zemirot Shabbat

Zmirot Shabat – Hebrew and French.

It measures 6-2/5 x 4-4/5 inch (16 x 12cm) and has 62 pages.
Its light beige colored paper cover has beige branch looking decorations with embossed gold imprints.
There is a miniature Jerusalem design on the top of the bencher cover and 2 little doves on its bottom part.

There is a beige delicate frame with branch looking motives decorating each page. On all right pages the prayers are written in Hebrew. The left pages are printed with both French translation and French transliteration of the prayers.

It is available only in Edot Mizrach Sefarad versions.

This Bencher contains the following prayers or songs:
* Kidush Leil Shabat
* Zmirut Shabat
* Bircat Hamazon
* Shevah Brachot
* Bracha Acharona
* Hadlakat Nerot Shabat
* Brachat Nerot Moadim
It is appropriate for: Bar / Bat Mitzva, Wedding.

Ce livre comporte:
*Les Kiddouches du Chabbate
*Des chants et des Zemirote du Chabbate
*Le Birkate Hamazone AchKenaze et Sefarade
*La Havdala
*Des chants Hassidiques
Chaque priere figure avec transcription phonetique, en traduction Francaise et en Hebreu.

For personalizing the benchers such as adding names and dates there will be a one time additional cost of 70$ added to the total price of the order.
The printing will be done in silver or in gold as per your choice. We recommend to personalize in gold as it would better match to the existing imprints on the cover.

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