Yom Kippur Fast Made Easier With the Help of IV Infusions

Fasting on Yom Kippur can be difficult for even the healthiest person. But for the elderly, infirm, pregnant, or those dependent upon medication, getting through the holiest day of the Jewish year without food and water can be a nightmarish ordeal.

Ten years ago, Yitzchok Fleischer, the founder and executive director of the Bikur Cholim D’Bobov, sought to change all that according to a report in the New York Times (http://nyti.ms/SPjGj8). Inspired by an ill friend who told Mr. Fleischer he needed intravenous feeding in order to complete the fast, Mr. Fleischer sprang into action.

With the assistance of the nearby Maimonides Medical Center, Mr. Fleischer has established “virtual clinics” in the basement of the Bobov shul and at other sites which operate throughout Yom Kippur. Twenty hospital cots are set up at the clinics to accommodate worshippers. Medical technicians supervise participants who receive nutrients via an IV drip for about a half hour each before returning to prayers. All those who receive IV nutrients must verbally affirm that both their rabbi and doctor approved the treatments.

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