Yom Kippur 2012: Maintaining Focus

We begin the prayer services for Yom Kippur with one of the strangest announcement:

Anu matirin l’hispalel im ha’avaryanim” — “We sanction prayer with the transgressors.”

Some probably glance around the shul, looking for the old guys with their white satin skullcaps sitting next to their middle-aged sons with their white satin skullcaps, joined by the grandsons with yet a third white satin skullcap — stereotypically reflecting three generations of decreasing ritual observance, Hebrew proficiency and overall connection to the heritage of their past — and can’t help wonder how the author of this prayer knew that these guys were going to show up.  With their car keys in their pockets and the smell of ham still on their breathes, who better to have in shul if we really want to include the sinners!

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