What’s under the modest swimwear?

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Recently, a company in Israel advertised their modest swimwear for frum women on many Jewish community e-mail lists.  One list member asked me the obvious question, and it has bothered me since.  What is the point of  modest swimwear?  Do frum women wear modest swimwear when they go mixed swimming?  Frum women don’t swim with men anyway. Since they are swimming with other women, why need the extra modesty? What do they care if they are showing thigh?

Men are hardly modest around other men.  Just go to a men’s mikva (especially the one at Telz) and you’ll see just how casual we are about modesty.

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    One of the most obvious forms of modest swimwear is the wetsuit. Originally advised to accumulate surfers balmy in the ocean, the wetsuit extends from the ankles to the close to the wrists.

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    By far the most very clear methods reasonably limited swimwear could be wetsuit. Early on directed to formulate internet browsers balmy on your se side, usually the wetsuit extends outside the ankles in your towards the wrists.

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    Well for sure. Everyone would find these things vague but to my humble opinion, it’s not what other people say that counts but the convenience and general welfare of everyone that matters most. It’s in one word called “Respect”. :)