We’ve Got Mishugas, My Friend. Right Here in River City.

The other day I had to decide which of four important things to do right away. 1) Pay some long-overdue bills. 2) Catch a chipmunk that had somehow gotten in my basement. 3) Get the car ready to pick my son up at college later in the day. 4) Watch a musical.

So as “The Music Man” began, I was listening to the opening number in which all the traveling salesmen are on the train discussing their profession and the reputation of the enigmatic Professor Harold Hill. I know the show pretty much from the first line to the last note, so I knew one of the salesmen in that opening number (which, by the way, was one of the first rap songs) would talk about a Jew’s harp, mentioning it as one of the only musical instruments that can successfully be sold by a traveling salesman.

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