There’s No Place Like Jerusalem

by Samson Raphael Levy

This is a story of one man’s life as it continues to unfold. His dignity and humanity even in the midst of war and disaster is a tribute to his illustrious forebears.

Amid his books and surrounded by his children and grandchildren, Mr. Levy continues to write new chapters in his anything-but-dull life. A scion of the great 19th Centry Biblical Scholar, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsh, Samson Raphael Levy is an active bibliophile living a quiet, ordered life in his beloved Jeruslaem. But his life was not always quiet and order: Samson was in the RAF during the ‘Great War’ and was present during the pivotal days of Jewish independince in 1948. His love for the land of Israel began at an early age, and has never ceased.(220 Pages)


Publisher: Devora Publishing, 2001

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