There Are No Atheists in a Foxhole or at The Dentist…

Due to Obama’s failure at giving me free dental insurance, I haven’t had a chance to visit the dentist. Due to my lack of dental visits, I haven’t really gotten to experience the fear of getting teeth work done. I know people who aren’t scared of the dentist, but I don’t know anyone who’s into going to the dentist (if people have a fetish for getting their balls kicked, I’m sure there’s a dentist fetish out there). Last time I went to the dentist, I had some wisdom teeth out and a root canal, but it was almost free (in most normal frum communities there’s a dentist who can hook you up, in my community you can get hooked up if you need to develop some search engine software). So in lieu of my pending dental emergency I started to think about all the sins I’ve done with my mouth.

Like most people, I turn to the Lord my savior when I’m faced with some sort of trouble, but unlike most people I also turn to him when things are going well. My theory is that God makes stuff go well to see if you’re paying attention to the source and the second you start missing tefillin or speaking up about your skepticism he smacks you down. I’m more apt to ignore my Judaic duties when life is mediocre.


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