The Yenta, the Conservatives and Attorney General Sam Olens at the JEA

Ooooh, nothing like pissing off the alterkockers before 10am.

Yesterday, Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens came to speak at the Jewish Educational Alliance, and before I could even start asking him annoying questions, I got into it with two extremely conservative members of the community about Edward Snowden, the NSA and President Obama.

“Snowden’s a traitor!” groused one gent. “Should be extradited back here and strung up by his toes!”

“That sorry excuse for a president, it’s all his fault,” nodded the other. “Using the NSA to spy on innocent Americans. Outrageous.”

I turned around. “Excuse me, but wasn’t it President Bush who passed the Patriot Act that allows the NSA to collect information? And if you’re so upset about the government spying on you, why wouldn’t you consider Snowden a hero?”


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