The women that frame our world

Who are the women who frame our world? A small gathering of about 100 women met in San Francisco last week to hear from an array of leaders in the creative arts. Organized by Brenda Way, Artistic Director of ODC/Dance, the symposium asked not only who are these women who frame our world, but how do they do it.

The roster of women, I quickly noted, included a lot of Jews. Do Jewish women frame the world differently? Of course they do, given their legacy and upbringing. We are at the end of the generation of post-Holocaust children. My contemporaries and I, first-born American children of Eastern European immigrants with remnants of family who survived the Holocaust, bring a historical landscape into our creative work – it’s embedded in our psyche. For a younger generation of Jewish women, twice-removed from the Holocaust, their landscape intersects with technology rather than victimization. So the frame is both expanding and shifting, as will its contents.

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