The Practical Guide to Kashrus

Rabbi Shaul Wagschal
Publisher: Judaica Press
The laws of kashrus are central to Jewish life and encompass every aspect of food preparation and handling. The laws are also detailed and numerous, yielding a multitude of questions and concerns. In a clear and concise manner, Rabbi Wagschal addresses all of the laws pertaining to kashrus in a Jewish home, enabling every Jewish family to benefit from both the spiritual and physical merits of keeping kosher. Some of the topics covered include:
-Ways that foods become treif (unkosher)
-Separation of milk and meat
-Tevilla (immersing) and kashering utensils
-Checking for insects in food
-Pesach and chometz
-Separation of challah
-Food and non-Jews
-Kashrus in cases of illness
-Recognizing when to confer with a rabbi about kashrus

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