The King of Shabbos

Zalman Velvel

Publisher: Square One Publishers

How often do you read a story that makes you laugh out loud or wipe tears from your eyes? It’s rare to find honest writing that is powerful, moving, and inspirational, but words that come from the heart enter the heart. From the voice of a man who has struggled, hurt, and grown-and laughed with joy over the process-comes The King of Shabbos and Other Stories of Return, a collection of eighteen tales that will make you think and feel in a new and different way. Zalman Velvel is simply a storyteller. As you read his tales, you will come to intimately know his characters, some of whom you may recognize from your own life, and some of whom may even remind you of yourself. You will grieve with them in their sorrows, and feel joy as they experience spiritual awakening. And regardless of your age, background, or circumstances, your life will be the richer for having met them. The inspirational theme that runs throughout these tales, tying them together, is the idea of returning to simple Jewish values and spiritual meaning in a world where values and meanings get traded and lost. Many of Zalman’s stories won awards when they first appeared in publications around the world, but here, for the first time, is a single volume of his most poignant work. Truly, Zalman’s characters and their stories will become a part of you. They may even teach you a lesson or two about love, life, and lasting meaning. Enjoy, and L’chaim!

About the Author
Zalman Velvel has worked at a variety of jobs. He has driven taxis in Manhattan, worked on Wall Street, and been a successful real estate investor and auctioneer. But it was during his teenage years that he discovered his passion for writing, which endures to this day. He has written two novels and ten plays, with two of his plays-The Unemployment Line and Honeymoon in Hell-being produced off-Broadway. Most important, after rediscovering his religious roots, Zalman wrote 100 short stories about Judaism and Israel. Zalman now resides in Florida with his wife of thirty-five years and their three married children and five grandchildren. Several times each year, he visits his home in Israel.

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