The Jewish World: 365 Days – From the Collections of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Israel Museum

Publisher: Harry N Abrams

A celebration of Jewish life through the ages, this new addition to Abrams’ highly successful 365 Days series features art and artifacts from around the world. In addition to archaeological finds, ancient manuscripts, artworks, and traditional and ceremonial objects, the book includes images that evoke everyday life in Jewish communities throughout history: jewelry, costumes, toys, household items, folk art, and period rooms.

The book draws on the extensive holdings of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which houses the world’s preeminent collection of the archaeology of the Holy Land and the most comprehensive collections anywhere of Judaica and the ethnology of the Jewish people, together with impressive holdings in all of the fine arts. The Priestly Benediction on a silver amulet from the late seventh century B.C.E.; the 14th-century Birds’ Head Haggadah from southern Germany, the earliest known illuminated Ashkenazi Haggadah to have survived as a separate book; and a spectacular bridal outfit from Yemen are among the beautiful, varied, and surprising images found here, all accompanied by insightful texts by museum curators revealing little-known information about the Jewish world.

AUTHOR BIO: Daisy Raccah-Djivre is chief curator of Judaica and Jewish ethnography at the Israel Museum; Silvia Rozenberg is Tamar and Teddy Kollek Chief Curator of Archaeology; and Yigal Zalmona is chief curator-at-large.

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