The Jewish Pregnancy Book

A Resource for the Soul, Body & Mind During Pregnancy, Birth & the First Three Months
by Dr. Sandy Falk and Rabbi Daniel Judson

A first-of-its-kind guide to nourishing your pregnancy with wisdom from Jewish tradition.
Bsha-ah Tovah! Youre pregnant! With all the changes happening to your body right now, it would be easy to focus only on the physical aspects of this life-changing event. But pregnancy is also a spiritually meaningful period in life, a time to reflect and comfort the soul. The Jewish Pregnancy Book is the first resource to nurture the body, mind, and soul of the pregnant woman by combining up-to-date medical information with spiritual nourishment from Jewish tradition.

For the soulAncient and modern prayers and rituals for each stage of pregnancy, as well as traditional Jewish wisdom on pregnancy. For the bodyPre-natal Aleph-Bet yoga, a unique blend of yoga and spirituality inspired by the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. For the mindMedical information on topics such as fetal development, pre-natal testing, and potential pregnancy problems, as well as discussions from a contemporary Jewish perspective on ethical issues such as selective reduction and home birth. In clear, easy-to-follow, accessible language, this groundbreaking handbook guides you through the miraculous and challenging process of creation, engaging your whole being in a uniquely Jewish way. Illustrated.(208 Pages)

Publisher: Jewish Lights, 2003

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